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Tools For Educators: Mental Health Training for the Post-Covid Classroom

As a co-founder of Team Project RISE:  Recognizing and Improving Supports for Educators, we created a community resource on mental health to assist educators with recognizing and responding to the needs of their students in the post-covid classroom.  The training explains about post-covid stress and provides information related to anxiety, depression, inattention and disruptive behaviors. It provides practical methods for supporting students.  The entirety of the training is under an hour and is broken down into short modules.


We offer customized in-person or virtual training seminars aimed at equipping teachers with tools to support their students’ social-emotional well-being.

Module 1:  Introduction to Post-Covid Stress (4 minutes)

Module 2:  Anxiety (7 minutes)

Module 3:  Depression (5 minutes)

Module 4:  Inattention and Disruptive Behaviors (11 minutes)

Module 5:  What Have We Learned:  Helping Our Students (8 minutes)

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