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"What an informative talk on bullying. I loved how you used a powerpoint and videos to make the material more easily accessible. Lastly, your care and concern shine through in you talk about the work that you do. Thank you for being a bully advocate!"

Stephanie Bien
Therapist, author and founder of Insight to Teen Culture

"I’ve had the opportunity to hear Danielle speak and I’m always inspired by the message she shares about supporting families who have experienced bullying. She always has great examples and speaks with such authority. I appreciate the knowledge and skill Danielle brings to her work and to her speaking. You’re never disappointed having Danielle speak on bullying prevention and supporting the emotional well-being of children."

Mercedes Samudio
CSW, Parent coach, Speaker, and Bestselling Author of Shame Proof Parenting

"Danielle Matthew is a leading expert on bullying and how to face and combat it. She is a renown, compassionate public speaker and an advocate for children and parents. Her book, “The Empowered Child”, teaches parents how to empower their children and deal with adversity. I highly recommend Dr. Matthew’s groundbreaking book which addresses the current bullying culture in schools, social media and in our communities. She has generously given her time and spoken several times at my sons elementary school to record crowds."

Julie Ginsberg

"I have been acquainted with Ms. Danielle Mathew for several years. I am delighted to report she is intelligent, compassionate, professional and ethical. As a Senior Lecturer at Pepperdine University, I am an expert in teaching legal and ethical issues in clinical practice. I often have need for a substitute to teach my doctoral and master’s ethics courses when I am engaged in lectures out of state. Ms. Matthew is my “go-to” colleague for guest lectures in my absence. Students report she is an engaging and fun presenter who has a complete grasp of the complex topic of bullying. Comments made about her presentation include her warmth and caring attitude. When she speaks people become involved and want to hear more. I fully recommend Ms. Danielle Matthew as a clinician, a presenter and a colleague."

Pamela H. Harmell, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist & Professor at Pepperdine University

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