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The Empowered Child

An Amazon Bestseller

How To Help Your Child Cope, Communicate, and Conquer Bullying

book cover empowered child

THE EMPOWERED CHILD is your go-to guide for helping your child overcome bullying. Learn to use simple, effective steps to start a healthy dialogue with your child, create an action plan to stop the bullying, engage your school for support and stay centered through the process.

Whether your child is facing physical, verbal, relational or cyber bullying, this book provides a framework for creating a safe support system for your child to find self-confidence, comfort at school and thrive with your loving support.

"I’ve seen the practices Danielle teaches work time and again. I am thrilled to see this wonderful resource become available to end bullying and its life changing consequences. The tools it contains are valuable to us all."

Kirk Smalley
President and Co-Founder,


“This book has Heart with a capital “H.” It reads like the story of a girl who experienced bullying and became a therapist to provide guidance and hope to other families.”

Holly Priebe Sotelo, MSW, PPSC
USC Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

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