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Adolescents, Teens & Families

The Empowerment Space is here to compassionately serve you and your child to face bullying, restore well-being and get everyone smiling again!

Danielle provides a safe space to support, guide and educate you and your child, so that your child can heal and move forward. Initially, parents meet with Danielle to gain an understanding of the type of bullying occurring, review previous interventions, discuss your goals and needs, and provide bullying education and an overview of your child’s sessions with Danielle. Danielle and your child will have weekly sessions plus weekly take-home family activities designed to increase self-esteem, learn effective communication techniques and develop coping skills and strategies to help your child address bullying.

This can be a very difficult time for parents, too, and Danielle is here to support you. Danielle provides a safe space to help you voice your concerns, restore normalcy and gain skills to effectively engage with your child, school and caregivers, and ultimately create a stronger, more positive support system for your child. Parents have additional sessions with Danielle to build child support techniques including the 3 E's: Empathy, Empowerment and Engagement, as well as work through any household concerns and specific steps to effectively address bullying directly.

To help you collaborate cohesively with your school leadership, Danielle will guide you through meetings at your child’s school to create a safe and positive school environment for your child.

Danielle would love to speak with you about how The Empowerment Space can help you.

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