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Empowering You to Support Your Clients

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Danielle collaborates with medical, health and wellness professionals to confront the bullying epidemic.

Danielle can support your work with your child and adolescent clients, pinpointing and addressing the crisis point of a bully situation. Through her work with The Empowerment Space Bullying Therapy Program, Danielle has identified that cognitive behavioral and in vivo techniques with the client and his/her family in the moment are very effective learning tools.

These methods support learning skills as well as new ways to handle a situation leading to successful outcomes. In addition, Danielle helps parents to collaborate cohesively with school leadership, guiding them through 3 meetings at the child’s school to create a specific safety plan. The program serves to resolve the crisis, create stronger support systems for clients, and for the child to continue to work with you and your clinicians to address any long-term effects or other long-term issues (e.g., depression and anxiety).

Danielle is available for consultation and can provide lectures and workshops nationwide to build upon your organization’s bullying education, prevention and intervention initiatives. 

An innovative 2-day training program:

Enhance your skills to treat and support victims of bullying to help clients who have been bullied.

This 2-day training program on addressing bullying will:

  • Contain streamlined material to specifically address kids and teens between the ages of 10-17 who have been bullied.

  • Introduce a 10-week program that includes individual, family, and school engagement.

  • Help kids address and handle bullying themselves.

  • Provide tools for teaching positive coping skills.

  • Help promote positive self-esteem.

  • Help decrease negative thoughts, depression and anxiety.


Presented by Danielle Matthew, LMFT, Founder & Director of The Empowerment Space.

Danielle Matthews
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