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Empowering You To Enhance Your School Support System

school hallwayDanielle collaborates with schools and educators to discuss possible and specific bullying situations to help you create positive parent-school communication and a safe school environment for your students.

School consultations include situation assessment, bullying education, establishing the type of bullying, and intervention and outcome recommendations.

For Los Angeles schools with students ages 10-17 who are deemed eligible for The Empowerment Space Bullying Therapy Program, Danielle will facilitate 3 meetings with the parents and school, including your Head of School, Principal and/or Vice Principal. During the first session, Danielle will collaborate with you to discuss the type of bullying occurring, suggested interventions and goals. In session two, the parents, school and Danielle will review how the situation has progressed, fine tune interventions and discuss further assistance Danielle can provide to your school, teachers and parent community to address the bullying situation. In the final meeting, the team will assess how the situation has progressed, evaluate intervention effectiveness and make any necessary intervention changes to ensure the bullying situation is resolved, the child feels safe and that positive parent-school communication continues.